Alexa Compact Rolling Desk

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If you are living in a small house or apartment, and you don't have so much spare space for your PC zone, this is the perfect choice you can make. Due to its small weight and rollers, it can be stored anywhere in the house when you have guests invited or when you just need some spare space. Its high-end quality materials provide enough resistance for heavy items and it will provide you a long resisting workstation. It is finished with an elegant black that will resist scratches, stains, water ring damage and will fit in any home. All in all, it will provide you a space-saving option for your other furniture elements and will offer you more organized storage for all-day activities.

Some of the amazing features of this product:
• A mobile pull out keyboard tray that will save space and make it easy to use
• Space-saving design that helps you keep a tidy look
• It will withstand the most intensive uses due to its premium quality black finish
• Specially designed for easy moving and storage in case of need of spare space
• Easy assembly
• It only fits in under 3’x2’ of floor space
• An affordable product due to its premium materials and functions
• Fits all of your PC and Office Elements such as tower, printer, full desktop computer, modem, etc.

  • FASTEST WAY TO MOVE YOUR DESK: It is compact and can be deposited almost anywhere. Get it out of your way almost anytime you want with the help of the four wheels underneath it. You can safely deposit it, or you can bring it back to the house whenever you want.
  • PROVIDES SPACE FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS: Our premium desk was specially designed by engineers to provide space for all your necessities. Organized with different shelves under the desk, this will offer you a well organized and tidy work desk.
  • HIGH-END QUALITY: Its best quality particle board and veneer foil finish were built by professionals to stand up to the task, and it will not break due to repeated use. It is such a fine piece of furniture that will give your household a better look.
  • MOBILE KEYBOARD TRAY: Your keyboard is hidden when you are not using it, and when you do, you just need to pull it. This is one of the most efficient, space-saving, easy access furniture designs on the market.
  • EASY TO USE AND INSTALL: Our Compact Desk is what you are looking for! You can safely and quickly install it, and it has space for all your PC and Office elements.

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Alexa Compact Rolling Desk