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Dark Brown Shoe Cabinet With 2 Drawers And Shelves

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5+2 STORAGE CAPACITY: Comes with two spacious drawers for your footwear and any item for shoe-care you like. Besides that, you have not one, but three shelves for ornamental or functional deposits. You can store anything you like due to the sufficient space.

EASY DECISION-MAKER:  We know you can not make up your mind, so we created a product that is perfect for any scenario. Either you want it in the hallway, or in the living room, this storage cabinet is malleable in any home.

ELEGANT DESIGN: Made of bright brown wood, our designers created a premium material cabinet. It will look great in any house, especially in yours.


QUICK & EASY ASSEMBLY:  You have all the information you need. Just follow the steps and take the hardware required and you will build it in no time.

USE MORE OF YOUR SPACE: We designed it to fit not only in the corner but in any free area for space-saving motives. In this way, you will have more free space in your room to use it in any way you want.

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