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Makeup Table with Sliding Door-Mirror, Additional Drawer and Storage Shelves Free Stool Included

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INCREASED STORAGE CAPACITY: Even if our makeup table comes with 4 drawers and 3 shelves, the masterpiece of this piece of furniture is a hidden drawer behind the sliding mirror-door. You will have plenty of space and functionality due to this innovation.

LARGE SLIDING MIRROR TO REFLECT YOUR FINEST QUALITIES:  Designed with a sliding door-mirror, you will easily deposit anything you want behind it. Very practical and useful, we created this for the smart use of space.

FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: Made of premium quality wood, our makeup table will resist even to heavy usage over the years. The sliding mirror will withstand repeated everyday usage without any problems. 

QUICK & EASY ASSEMBLY:  You have all the information you need. Just follow the steps and take the hardware required and you will build it in no time.

USE MORE OF YOUR SPACE: We designed it to fit in any room or house, but especially in yours! Elegant yet not too pompous, it will be a great addition to your dormitory or saloon.


Having to deal with space problems in your small apartment? Have you ever wanted a makeup space of your own? Do you need more space to store your cosmetics, perfumes, and makeup gear? We know that as a woman you must look great every day, and we understand you. That is why we have the answer you were looking for! Our makeup table comes with a sliding mirror-door for you to deposit all your makeup items. Never make problems with low space or no space. It comes with drawers that offer you everything you need to look fabulous every day.

Made of premium wood it will fit any room because we all know it, this design goes with anything. Created only with the finest materials it will be an eye-catcher in any house.

We taught about you, even if you are a man! You can buy it for your wife, girlfriend or daughter. Believe us, it's a perfect surprise!

Some of the amazing features of this product:

  • Easy to use space-saving design
  • Easy Assembly
  • Sliding mirror-door
  • Drawers for more space
  • Modern Design
  • Smart space-saving technology

ADD TO CART NOW and feel good about yourself with the flawless complexion that you deserve!

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